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It is very important that you inspect your new home.  Before finalizing the handover, the inspection will ensure that the property has been built to a suitable standard. Building inspections in new homes consist of various things.

The different aspects of inspections suitable for new homes are in stages of building construction. This is to ensure that everything is carried out in accordance with the relevant Australian Building codes and standards.

In building construction, failure to adhere to standards and regulations can bring drastic consequences. Any fault that is abandoned at any stage of the construction can be inimical to the entire structure; thus, is the need for a periodic inspection at various stages of the building.

An expert builder may get it wrong while constructing; hence is the need for an independent building inspector Perth who ensures everything is made right.

Below is the highlight of the types of inspections suitable for new home buildings.

Handover or PCI Inspection

This inspection is made at the final stage of all new builds in Perth. This is to ensure you get the value for money. It is the responsibility of building inspectors to create a typed report during the handover. The report will detail compliance of the building with Australian Building Codes, incomplete defects much more.

Apartment Inspection

This inspection is carried in new apartments only, to determine their level of compliance with the Australian Standards. The inspection covers the ceilings, roofs, floors, walls, doors etc. Exterior areas like balconies and porches are also covered in this inspection.

Slab Inspection

Since the entire load of the house sits on the slap, then it is the most important inspection during the construction. The building inspector will check for cracks in both external and internal walls, floors, cornice, ceilings, floor and wall tiles etc. It is also important to conduct a check on the smoothness of the windows and doors during closing and opening.

Plate Height Inspection

This check is made to ensure that the window and door frames are correctly installed and at their defined location. This inspection is to ensure that the dimensions of the rooms and other openings are in accordance with the floor plan.


Construction Progress Inspections Perth and other types of inspections suitable for your new home building are roof frame, suspended slab inspection (applied in story homes) and much more.

Master Builders Association can also provide advice.

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