Dilapidation cracked broken wall


Dilapidation Building Reports

Dilapidation Building Inspections. A dilapidation report is a conditional inspection and report, with photographs of a building or property that is undertaken prior to and on completion of building works occurring on any adjoining or nearby properties.

This report details any existing damage, categorises existing cracking (and where it is occurring) and the state of any particular aspect of the property that is likely to be affected by nearby construction work.

It is highly recommended that anyone who is planning a major renovation, extension or construction project, obtains a thorough dilapidation and condition report. Demolitions, infrastructure projects and road works can also result in building faults if appropriate measures are not suitable.

The builder undertaking the construction works, will not always request these reports and the responsibility will fall onto the property owner.

By law, you may be required to produce dilapidation reports, however it is always recommended to invest in these reports as they can be the most efficient way to avoid potential litigation disputes.

With so much at stake, why would you risk your financial wellbeing?

For a competitive and reasonable price, you can have the peace of mind knowing that experienced building inspection professionals are carrying out the job.

Advantages of Dilapidation Building Inspections

A comprehensive building report by an independent building inspector, detailing pre-existing faults so that any new faults observed during the construction process are easily determined.

Our Independent Building Inspectors Are

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