pre purchase building Inspectors advice


Here is our advice choosing the right person to inspect the property

Need some advice? In Western Australia the building inspection industry is unregulated. This means anyone can set themselves up to conduct pre purchase building inspections and can obviously have serious ramifications where a building inspector is unqualified and/or inexperienced to detected major defects or structural faults with a property.

Ideally, most building inspectors will come from a building trade background.  Building inspectors would then have completed the Diploma in Building and Construction and progressed on to become a registered builder which allows them to be familiar with current building techniques, building compliance and Australian standard requirements.

It is always recommended that people use a suitably qualified person (such as a licensed builder, surveyor or an architect). A suitably qualified building inspector can provide a professional building inspection report for any property that someone may be thinking of buying.

Master Building Inspectors can see through any cosmetic improvements covering up faults. These faults may otherwise be missed by an untrained eye.


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