Building Inspections about construction site

Building Inspections

Why You Need Building Inspections?

Why you might need a building inspection:

  • Identify Major Defects
  • Be informed of significant safety hazards
  • Be informed of the extent of minor defects
  • Be informed of the general condition of the property
  • Deal with problems in your existing home

What type of report will you receive?

You will receive an easy to understand, typed, photographic report within 24 hours of the inspection. Any major issues will be discussed via phone prior to receiving the report.

The report will be complaint with Australian Standard 4349.1 Inspection of buildings and include:

  • Identification of Safety Hazards
  • Identification of Major Defects
  • Identification of Minor Defects (maintenance items)
  • Photos of Safety Hazards and Major defects
  • Advice on required remedial works