New Construction

Research has indicated that there are problems in around 22 per cent of all building projects. Industry wide, these problems result in millions of dollars worth of costs when dealing with the contractural and construction issues, in rectifying defective work and/ or resolving disputes.

Problems generally arise from concerns surrounding issues relating to the quality of building work, concerns about the contract, or scope of building work.

We provide detailed building inspection reports that include photos of any defects.

The reports categorise the defects into 4 main groups:

  • Safety Hazards
  • BCA Non – Compliance
  • Sub Standard Workmanship
  • Contracts and Specification – Non – Compliance

Any major issues are referenced back to the National Construction Code ( B.C.A ), Guide To Standards & Tolerances 2015 or the relevant Australian Standard.

The 4 main building inspection stages in your new construction build to consider are:

  • Slab
  • Plate Height (brickwork)
  • Roof Frame
  • Handover

Common problems identified in new builds are:

  • Slabs not level
  • Incorrect brickwork installation
  • Defective paint finish
  • Missing cavity flashing
  • Incorrect falls to wet areas
  • Cabinetry misaligned
  • Poor tile installation
  • Roof frames non – compliant
  • New construction internal building inspection
  • new roof and ceiling building inspection
  • New roof frame building inspection
  • New construction pre purchase building inspection

Several of the Australian Standards referenced during these inspections are:

  • AS 1684: Residential timber framed construction
  • AS 3700: Masonry structures
  • AS 3727: Guide to residential pavements
  • AS 2047: Windows in buildings – Selection and installation
  • AS 2311: Guide to the painting of buildings
  • AS 2589.1: Gypsum linings in residential and light commercial construction
  • AS 3598.1: Ceramic tiles – Guide to the installation of ceramic tiles
  • AS 1860: Installation of particleboard flooring
  • AS 3500.3: Plumbing and drainage – Stormwater drainage