Pre purchase building inspection

Pre-Purchase Building Inspections

Master Building Inspectors provides detailed building inspection reports on the property’s condition. The report will include any significant building defects such as rising damp, movement or cracking in walls, safety hazards and structural issues.
The building inspectors check all accessible parts of the property.

There are 2 different inspection reports available: Structural reports or complete pre- purchase building reports.
The structural report details the structural elements of a building and identifies any faults that may be evident and the complete building report is a comprehensive report detailing minor defects (maintenance items) along with the buildings structure.

Structural Building Report

  • Roof Frame
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sub Floor
  • Walls – External/Internal
  • Roofing – External/Internal
  • Balconies, stairs and patios
  • Pergolas

Complete Building Report

  • Roof Frame
  • Retaining walls
  • Doors and frames
  • Sub Floor
  • Walls – External/Internal
  • Roofing – External/Internal
  • Guttering and downpipes
  • Balconies, stairs and patios
  • Paving and pergolas
  • Cabinets
  • Maintenance issues
  • Fences

The benefits of getting a pre purchase building inspection report are:

  • Identification of Hidden Problems: When you visit a property from the intention of buying, you can just analyze it from the outlook such as the condition of house, paint, amenities, fittings and security, etc. Have you ever thought that there might be hidden problems at the property that you only can realize once you start living in it? It could be presence of termite or low-quality fixtures or anything else. Ordinary buyers cannot assess a property the way it is supposed to be done by a qualified building inspector.
  • Peace of Mind: In this day and age, everyone wants to make some extra money. Selling properties that aren’t entirely damage-free or low-maintenance as very valuable ones to make quick money, is an everyday job of real estate agents.
    Getting building inspections done on the property will provide you a fair analysis of the worth of the property and how living there would be for your family. This will ultimately mean maximum peace of mind in the future.
  • Option to negotiate price with seller: After you receive the building inspection report, you will get a clear idea about how far the seller has been honest with you about the pros and cons of the property. On the basis of the report, you can expect to negotiate the property’s price with the seller after informing him/her about the identified issues.


  • Structural safety: You will be buying a home for your family so security must be the first priority both indoors and outdoors. If the building’s structure isn’t very strong then there is every probability that it can receive heavy damage even from a minor jolt of the earth or harsh weather.
    A Building inspection report will include details about the reliability of the structure and hence, you will get an idea if the building is a safe bet or not!
  • Non-structural aspects: Through the report, you will be able to receive information about other issues that might hinder your stay in the home and cause additional expenses on repairs and maintenance. Such as pest infestation, water leakage, drainage problems and tree roots that may affect building’s structure. You can only get an idea about presence of these problems after you have obtained a building inspection report.

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