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Building inspections Perth, Australia. Knowing as much as you can about anything before taking a decision, will help you to avoid problems. If we talk about buying a property in Perth, Western Australia, the best way is to get an inspection report.  This is typically called a pre-purchase property inspection report. It will inform you about the conditions of the property you are intending to buy.

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It is a visual inspection identifying significant building defects, rising damp, cracking, safety hazards, faulty roofs, and also damage. The report does not include the existence of termites or other timber destroying pests. For this, you will have to ask for a Timber Pest Buildings Report. These inspections are usually carried out BEFORE you discuss the sale contract terms, to identify any problems with the property.

Four reasons to get both reports

  1. To know in advance what the problems are;
  2. You will show the seller a serious report about the problems the property has and, due to this, you will be able to negotiate a lower price or reach into an agreement to repair some of the problems or at least cover some costs;
  3. You will know if you need a specialist advice to check major problems that may affect the property with the passing of time; and
  4. You will also be able to decide to buy the property or not.

Some pieces of advice

  1. These inspections must be done by a qualified inspector/consultant that knows how to do it, complying the Australian Standards AS 4349.
  2. All accessible areas of the property must be inspected, but you can also add any other area that it is not included in those Standards.
  3. Pay special attention to the Summary. It is the most important part of the Building Inspection Report.
  4. Be aware that these Inspection Reports will not cover every aspect about the conditions of the property such as watering systems, plumbing, drainage, or gas fitting.

If you want to get a building inspections Perth conducted during the cooling-off period of 5 business days, make sure you give the consultant as much notice as possible.

They will have to do the inspection, prepare the report and still give you time to make a decision. If you decide not to buy the property you will also need time to get a letter to the vendor/their agent, saying that you are withdrawing from the contract. Contact building inspections Perth, Australia for further advice.

Building Inspections Perth, Australia Building Inspections Perth, AustraliaBuilding Inspections Perth, Australia Building inspections Perth, Australia Building inspections Perth, Australia

Building inspections Perth, Australia Building inspections Perth, Australia Building inspections Perth, Australia Building inspections Perth, Australia

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