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Any property constructed between 1945 and 1980 is considered highly likely to have Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM) in its construction. Buildings constructed after 1990 are unlikely to have Asbestos Containing Materials in their construction. However the use of construction materials containing asbestos may still frequently occur in properties after this time as the use of asbestos in sheet materials like …

Footings and slabs

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Slabs and footings are defective if they fail because they are not designed and constructed in accordance with the Building Code of Australia or AS 2870- Residential slabs and footings – Construction. Slabs and footing failures are defects when they are caused by foundation movements that are the result of localised drying and wetting caused by such factors as the …

Building Legislation

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Each State and Territory has legislation to empower the making of building standards and to control the key elements of a domestic building contract. Regulated building standards are in the main described in the Building Code of Australia, which is adopted into law by regulation. In a heirarchy, the regulatory framework for building standards starts with the relevant Act of …

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Rising damp is a common issue with older properties and describes the upward movement of water in low sections of building elements ( e.g: walls) by capillary action –  the movement of water through porous materials like bricks, sandstone and mortar. This is generally managed by the installation of a damp proof course during construction. The Damp Proof Course ( …

Prepare your home for sale

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Prepare your home for sale – Building Inspections Perth Prepare your home for sale. Presentation of your property is a critical factor in achieving the highest possible price, so it’s important to have your property looking its absolute best on inspection day. 1. First impressions count – maximise your curb appeal Make sure your front lawn and any fencing is …

Blending of masonry

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 To avoid inconsistency in appearance, where practical masonry units for the building should be obtained from the same batch. Masonry areas that vary in colour are defective if the units are not mixed and/ or distributed in accordance with the manufactures instructions. Some variation of masonry features such as colour, texture and pattern are to be expected.