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One of the major challenges often encountered when buying a home is contracting the services of a qualified building inspector. Hiring a certified officer or agent to inspect the building has been ignored by many because of the likelihood of saving money. Although this process is seldom observed by many would be property owners, it is an essential factor in the purchase of a building. Sales can only be successful if both parties are satisfied; thus, the essence of hiring a certified building inspector.

The following points highlight the reasons you must hire a certified building inspector Perth in order to acquire a property without running into troubles;

Compliance with building codes

In accordance with the provisions of the law, a building inspector must acquire a license. In addition to this, he must be abreast with the Australian building codes, acts, regulations and all unavoidable standards in the building industry.

Training to spot damage in the building

It is the responsibility of the building inspector to locate any unidentifiable damage in the building. It can be cumbersome to spot any hidden damage without using an advanced technology like the thermal imaging. A trained and certified building inspector will be able to detect the existence of pests, termites and any animal that can negatively affect both the structure and aesthetics of the building. The amount of money spent in ridding the building of pests is often on the high side; of which you can avoid by hiring a certified building inspector.

Final buying decision

The building inspections report will determine if you will go ahead with the purchase or not. A certified building inspection has all the information on a building from the foundation to the roof. Therefore, his take on the property must determine your final decision about the property.

Here are what to do when inspecting your new building in Perth

If you are determined to buy a house, it is important you hire the services of a building inspector. Below are basic steps that serve as a guide to a successful building inspection.

  • Hire a certified building inspector with adequate experience.
  • It is advisable to choose an inspector with an insurance license.
  • Let the building be inspected first before making final payments for the property.
  • Book a suitable date with your building inspector.
  • Your decision to proceed with the purchase of the property is dependent on the reports of the certified building inspector.


It is necessary that you enjoy peace of mind after making payments for the building. Therefore, this can be achieved by hiring Home Inspectors Perth with adequate knowledge in Australian Laws and various standards in the building construction industry.

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Home Inspectors Perth  Home Inspectors Perth