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Pre-purchase building inspector Perth. One of the most important parts of buying a house is having a pre-purchase building inspection carried out.

It is always recommended that the buyer get the services of a highly qualified and licensed pre-purchase building inspector. They will then carry out the inspection to ensure that the customer has all the information required to make an informed decision.

Usually, the fee that is paid to a pre-purchase building inspector is a relatively small amount. This is compared to the amount of money required to pay for unforeseen repairs.

Pre-Sale Building Reports. Should You Trust Them?

Many agents or sellers always offer their customers building inspection reports. However, it is always advisable to never use those reports to gauge the condition of a building.

The independence of a pre-purchase building inspection report is only guaranteed if undertaken specifically for the buyer. The pre-purchase building inspector Perth will offer information regarding various things concerning the house.

Information Provided

For example, the building inspections Perth report will offer detailed information regarding the faults in the building. It will also provide insight regarding whether the building can be repaired or not.

The pre-purchase building report will also provide information concerning any unsafe extensions or poor renovation works. The pre-purchase building inspector can also provide an estimated budget of the costs associated with repairs or rectification.

The customer can also have other uses for the pre-purchase building inspection report.

For example, the client can use the findings of the building inspection to negotiate the conditions and price.

Finding a Good Deal

At times, the customer will still find the deal a good one and might purchase it at a lower price. In this case, the pre-purchase inspection report becomes essential because it points out the exact repairs that may be required and the estimated cost.

Unfortunately in Perth, pre-purchase inspectors are not required to have a license before they can establish a pre-purchase inspection business.

However, it is important that a buyer makes use of a pre-purchase inspection company in Perth that has full professional indemnity insurance and one that is licensed in case of any conflicts or issues.

Furthermore, this will help protect the customer if the pre-purchase inspection fails to pinpoint some of the issues that must be fixed in the building.

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