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We would highly recommend employing the services of a building inspection professional if you are building a new home or purchasing an existing property.

The new home building market is largely unregulated in Australia with the responsibility of Building code compliance left largely to unqualified and inexperienced building supervisors with little knowledge of their compliance requirements. This is a recipe for disaster, and often results in a high turnaround of supervisors and substandard build quality.

Don’t get me wrong, we are not saying they are all bad, however it is extremely difficult to ensure a good product when managing up to 40 builds at the one time. This is where a building inspector can help. A good building inspector should check all accessible areas of the build, from concrete slab to roof frame and all areas in between, to ensue compliance with the building codes and that the build is to the appropriate level of finish.

Our staged construction inspections are primarily structural inspections for the slab, plate height and roof frame inspections. This is to ensure compliance with the code and Australian standards requirements. It is not uncommon to find various defects during home inspections Perth that would be otherwise be covered over with materials such as plaster and roof sheeting.

The PCI or handover inspection is the last inspection to be undertaken during the construction process. This inspection is to identify substandard workmanship issues  with all accessible areas inspected such as roof frame, insulation, flumes, paintwork, cabinetry, doors, plaster, handles, tiles, handles, gutters, downpipes etc.

Upon receiving the report, the builder will generally have 10 days to rectify the identified issues. The client will then inspect the build after this time to ensure all defects listed in the report have been rectified to a suitable standard.

With years of experience, Building inspections Perth can help! We also recommend pest control Perth for all termite inspections in Perth.

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