Getting Licensed Building Inspectors in Perth

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Getting Licensed Building Inspectors in Perth

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Building inspections Perth. The building inspection industry in Perth is notably unregulated.

One of the key signs of this disarray has to do with the fact that Australia does not require pre-purchase building inspectors to have a license before they can set up shop in the country. This is with the exception of only one state, Queensland.

Some buyers might see this as a good thing for them and the industry. However, there are numerous things that could go wrong with hiring an unlicensed building inspector in Perth.

One of the most obvious ones is that your unlicensed building inspector might not have qualifications.  Credentials and training are also required to spot serious defects. These issues may cost you a lot of money later.

So, you have hired an unqualified building inspector…  It is possible that you will bear some massive financial loss and liabilities later especially when the building inspector gives you the ok to purchase a defective building.

The benefits of a hiring a licensed inspector are numerous.

Unforeseen Costs

One of the best ways to avoid such unforeseen costs is:

1) To ensure that the building inspector you hire is licensed. Especially to carry out building inspection work in Perth.

2) Ask the person or company you are intending to hire straightaway if they have the certification or license to carry out the inspection in Perth.

Another important issue that the buyer can evade by ensuring that their building inspectors are licensed has to do with professional indemnity insurance.

Insurance will be important in the case that an unqualified building inspector carries out a building inspection and gives a flawed report. In this case, the costly fault will be covered by the insurer and the buyer will be cushioned against any serious financial loss.

There are reports indicating that more than 40 percent of pre-purchase building inspections end up in disputes. As such, the presence of insurance will be an added advantage.

Other than having a license, a qualified building inspector should have broad knowledge in the industry. Some of the things that he or she must know have to do with the Building Act, Building Code of Australia, the Building Regulations, as well as, other Australian Standards governing the construction sector in the country.

Any building inspector in Perth without these qualifications and requirements is not suitable to do any inspection work for you. Hiring such individuals or companies will only put the customers’ investments at risk.


Getting Licensed Building Inspectors in Perth


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