Building Inspectors Perth

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Building Inspectors Perth

Building inspectors Perth. A building inspection is a term that refers to the investigation and inspection conducted on a residential or commercial property. This can be either conducted by private contractors or designated government employees. Those who carry out building inspections are called building inspectors. They can be appointed at city, township or county level in Australia.

Building inspectors are qualified professionals.  They will cover areas of the property such as plumbing, pest control, building structure and electricity, etc. In Australia, government bodies as well as private firms are responsible for employing building inspectors. They carry out building inspections to make sure the building is in compliance with the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, structural and other regulations and standards of property construction.

Three types of building inspections are carried out in Australia, namely:

* Pre-sale building inspection

* Pest Inspection

* Building Stage Inspections

Usually Australian property buyers opt to get building inspections done before they buy a property. It is a reasonable approach because it is in the best interest of buyers and sellers both prior to commencement of negotiations.

Timber pest Inspections

Pest infestations are also a mandatory occurrence.  This should be undertaken where you intend to buy property in Perth.

It is a wise approach to hire a professional Building inspectors Perth for pest infections when deciding to buy a property. A pest infestation assessment is focused upon identifying the presence of termites and any damage that might have been caused.

Licensed pest controllers can also be hired for performing the inspection on structures. The idea is to firstly discover if there is pest infestation prevailing in the building you intend to buy and also if there are damages caused to the structure and other fixtures of the property.

Bugs, insects, dry rot and termite all come into the category of pests that have full capability of invading a property and affecting its structure. Maintaining a house with a pest infestation is a tough task indeed; therefore, hiring a Perth building inspector is definitely recommended.


It is not necessary that you cannot buy a property that is infested with pests. However, it all depends upon the report submitted by the building inspectors in Perth. As per the status of infestation identified by the building inspector, safe pest control methods like physical modifications to the structure or instalment of traps can be adopted to get rid of pests from the property. Low toxicity formulas, pesticides and pest control measures are also available in the market that doesn’t cause allergies at all.

If Building inspectors Perth feels that the pest infestation is controllable with minor or major tweaks to the structure or using safe pest control methods, then the report will inform the buyer/seller about it. This would lead to assessment of expenses involved and ultimately the report’s analysis will play a crucial part in the price negotiation process.

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Building inspectors Perth