Building Inspections Perth Metro

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Building Inspections Perth Metro

Building inspections Perth metro. Every year a considerable number of residents in Australia get seriously injured.   Surprisingly, a majority of these accidents could have been prevented with just a bit of foresight. 

It is true that no building can be perfect. There may be certain flaws which sellers try their best to hide. You might have found your dream home, but it could have various items that require immediate attention.

Building inspections are typically carried out by most home owners and buyers prior to purchase.

It must be noted that a building inspection isn’t a safety audit. Building inspections Perth look for issues that require immediate attention.

Some of these issues are listed below

Inappropriate Pool Fencing. A compliant pool fence is one that is fully enclosed from all the four sides and the fence must be at least 1.2m high. It should not be scaled or have self-closing and self-latching gate.  Also, there needs to be a laminated CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) poster within the area, which must be visible as well.

Absence of Smoke Alarm. Smoke alarms that meet Australian Standards must be installed at all the homes and units. This installation should be performed by a licensed electrician.

Annual examination of these alarms is a must and these should be kept dust-free.

Fire extinguisher not installed. Because it is very important that a properties kitchen has a fire blanket or fire extinguisher installed.

Safeguarding Fireplaces. Check that there are appropriate safety measures taken to safeguard wall mounted fireplaces, heaters and fuel stoves. Moreover, there should be separate space for storing goods.

Excessive storage of goods in front of exits would pose a health and fire hazard by blocking the escape route.

Inadequate Electrical Safety. Poorly installed roof batts around halogen down lights would definitely pose a fire risk. Therefore, if the property’s circuits do not have electrical safety switches, then this is also a grave issue.

Lack of Hot water Tempering Devices. Since February 2013 it is compulsory that all residential units’ hot water storage systems provide heating to a minimum of 60° Celsius. This ensures that growth of bacteria like Legionella is prevented.

Building Inspections

A hot water tempering device requires installation. This will ensure that hot water is delivered to every single tap around the home at a maximum 50° Celsius. The device will minimise risk of scaling injuries. Therefore, if this device is not installed, then the home owner must contact a licensed plumber.

There are various other issues that can only be identified when you hire professional building inspections Perth metro.  Master Building Inspectors are always available for a pre-purchase building inspections.

Therefore, contact us today to learn more about issues that may pose safety hazards in your desired property.

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