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Unfortunately older balconies tend to leak, which generally isn’t an issue. This is unless a habitable room has been constructed directly underneath. Leaking is a commonly identified defect identified during a routine building inspection.

There are several reasons that this may occur;

  • Poor original installation of the substrate waterproofing.
  • Incorrect fall or slope towards the outer edge or stormwater inlet.

Water proof balconies are generally regarded as defective if water ponds on the surface. The tiling contractor whilst installing the floor tiles, should allow for an adequate fall towards the drainage point.

The building Code of Australia and Australian Standard 4654.2 detail the requirements of waterproof decks and balcony substrates.

A qualified and knowledgeable building inspector should be able to assist you further regarding defective workmanship issues.

Is is highly recommended to have a through building inspection undertaken on your property.  This will inform you which areas need immediate attention and any significant issues that may cause secondary damage to the property.

Even if you are looking at selling the property, it is best to remember that the buyer may get a pre purchase pest and building inspection done before submitting an offer.

If the inspector finds issues in the property, the sale might not finalise.

It is recommended that you hire the professional building inspectors from

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