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Building Inspections Perth Reviews. Are you thinking of buying a property in Perth, Australia? So please read this!

To buy a property in Perth, Australia might become a problem if you do not follow the Australian Standard 4349.  This is about Buildings Inspections. Have you heard about it?

Every year many residential dwellings, commercial and industrial buildings in Australia are damaged. This is due to either because of fungal decay (rot) or wood-boring insects.  Subterranean termites – called ‘white ants’- also cause extensive damage.

If you wish to purchase or maintain a property that includes a timber structure, you may require advice to determine whether the pests are or have been present in the building.  The report should also detail whether there is heightened risk of timber pest presence. Australian Standard 4349.3, a uniform system of building inspection, will help to ensure that all inspections meet a minimum acceptable standard.

Australian Standards 4349.3 provides the necessary criteria not only to facilitate the inspection and reports. This Standard is divided into the following four main sections:

Scope of the Inspections and General Definitions

Important: The inspection/s must be carried out by a qualified building inspector

“C1.1 A pre-purchase timber pest inspection should be undertaken as early in the buying process as practicable. This way, the purchaser will know about the condition of the property and will be able to make a better informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. A pre-purchase inspection report may be suitable for a vendor to include with the papers for the sale of a property.” (AS 4349.3) For more information

Inspection Agreement

Both parties must read, agree and sign the Agreement supplied by the Australian Standard 4349 (not any agreement).


It must be a non-invasive.  Comprising a visual inspection supplemented by non-marking sounding of elements and assessment of moisture content of materials, especially if it is a home inspection. This may include the following areas of the building:

  • The site
  • The interior
  • The roof void
  • The roof exterior
  • The exterior


The report/s should not be relied upon if the contract for sale becomes binding more than 30 days after the date of initial inspection. A re-inspection after this time is essential.

So, to sum-up, before buying a property in Perth, please have a look at Australian Standards.  Look for advise not only on the Standards, but also on a reliable and qualified inspector. You can also read more articles on this on our Facebook page. Building inspections Perth reviews.

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