Perth Building Inspectors

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Perth Building Inspectors

Perth building inspectors. You must know that when you buy a property in Perth,  a timber pest inspection report should be obtained.  This is to make sure your property is not infested by termites or other timber pests. You must ask for it BEFORE buying the property.

This type of building inspection has to be done by a qualified and reliable building inspector. This report includes roof and floor timbers, outbuildings and fencing. This report will inform you about current infestation if any and previous and actual damage. It should also include areas likely to be infested in the future, and where additional inspections are recommended to maintain effective physical and chemical timber pest barriers.

It will give you a status of the property in relation to pests and infestations.  This will also be helpful to identify who is responsible for obtaining the timber pest inspection report. The standard of the report, repercussions that identify new and/or existing activity/damage and who is responsible for paying for the report.

This report will also help you to decide whether buying the property or not. You may not be prepared to accept that the property you intend to live in due to timber pest activity.  In case you decide to buy it, you have the right of requiring the seller to pay for the treatment and repair work to a standard which meets your satisfaction.

It is really important to include this statement in your contract to choose the termination of the sale.

Pest inspections Perth

Set a reasonable timeframe for the inspection, treatment, repair work and re-inspection if necessary. A seller may offer to pay for the inspection which may seem cheaper. However if you hire an inspector, your report will be independent, not influenced by the seller’s interests and your home inspector can provide advice directly to you.

If you do choose to allow the seller to pay, you should request to choose the inspector.  Also it is recommended to read the terms of the contract with the inspector’s company.

Take into account that a timber pest report, issued according to Australian Standard 4349.3, may form the basis of a very important decision. This is usually carried out by Perth professional inspectors, home inspectors, and also licensed pest control operators.

This Perth building inspectors report is not a cost, it is money you invest on your future home, shop or industry. This will allow you to purchase without the worry of timber pests.

Perth building inspectors Perth building inspectors

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