Building Inspection Nedlands Perth

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Building Inspection Nedlands Perth

What are the TOP 3 advantages of having a building inspection?

Building inspection Nedlands Perth. A building inspection is always highly recommended, prior to purchasing a residential or commercial property in Perth.

A pre-purchase home inspection is a common process, which is trusted to home inspectors.  These inspectors should be highly experienced and produce a detailed report with a short turn around time.  The building report will give the client an accurate assessment of the buildings current condition. These reports are always very helpful for anyone who is buying or selling a property.

  1. House inspections are a vital part of buying a new property. During the buying process, these should be conducted as early as possible. Its important that a thorough inspection is undertaken, to allow you to make an informed decision regarding the property purchase.
  2. The building inspector should be suitably qualified. Australian standard AS 4349.1 is the minimum requirement that all inspections are to meet. Unfortunately, inspectors are not required to be licensed here in Perth. Therefore, when evaluating your inspection company, ask about there services and experience.
  3. Peace of mind! Know the condition of the property prior to settlement.

Therefore, for quality home and building inspectors, Master Building Inspectors are Perth’s No 1 team. Look no further. Our Perth qualified professionals will provide the quality building inspections with a few days notice. We are a trusted family owned and operated business that provides easy to understand reports and a quality service.

We believe it is important that a comprehensive building inspection is undertaken to identify non-structural defects along with structural issues. It is important though, that the report clearly differentiates between the two classifications. There can be confusion during settlement, if this is not clearly listed. A visual inspection of all the building components should be undertaken.

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