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When Should Practical Completion Occur

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When should practical completion occur? Practical completion on a newly constructed property is when the build is for the most part complete. The build should be habitable and all major building works completed, aside from a few minor finishing items.

The internal cabinetry, doors, door hardware, windows, paintwork, insulation, floor covering, bathrooms etc should all be installed and functional.

Practical Completion Building Inspections

Engaging the services of a qualified building inspector to conduct the practical completion inspection is highly recommended.

During a PCI inspection, the inspector from building inspections Perth will thoroughly check the property and mark all defects with tape.

By marking these defects, it allows the building supervisor to easily identify the defective areas and rectify accordingly.

All accessible areas of the build are inspected at the time of inspection: internal & external walls, flooring & roof space. All materials are assessed against the WA Guide to Standards and Tolerances.


Items commonly identified during PCI include: defective paintwork, damage to windows & doors frames, poorly installed insulation & incomplete works.

Perth is currently experiencing a building boom and as a consequence, many builders are issuing notice for practical completion Perth too early.

Many new builds that we inspect are simply not ready for practical completion.

Items such as doors not installed, rubbish on site, cleaning not having occurred and installation not being installed are unfortunately very common at the moment.

When should practical completion occur? It is recommended that client’s request to the builder that the build is ready for PCI prior to attending site.


After the practical completion inspection has occurred, Master Building Inspector will provide the client with a building report. This report will list all defects that the builder is required to repair.

The builder will typically have 10 working days to rectify all items on the list.

Further information can be found here: building inspections Perth

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