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Structural pre-purchase building inspections. It is highly recommended that when signing a property contract in Perth, that a building inspection clause is also included.

Most real estate agents in Perth use REIWA property contracts for the sale of a property. This contract should be signed subject to a structural pre-purchase building inspection.

In the event that a major structural fault is detected during the inspection, the owner typically have this rectified prior to settlement.

In our experience, structural faults are identified in around 1 out of every 10 properties. These usually are found in the roof on older properties.

We do however, detected structural faults in newer properties also, which are also usually found in the roof.

Structural Pre-Purchase Inspections. What are Minor Defects?

Structural pre-purchase building inspections are always recommended with all residential & commercial properties.

Purchaser’s must be aware though, that this structural clause only covers structural items.

This includes the internal walls, external walls, floor & roof frame. Secondary building elements such as roof covering, damp issues, pergolas, wood rot, leaky showers etc are not covered.

These items are classified as minor defects and considered maintenance items of no structural concern.

Should these minor defects be included in a pre-purchase building inspection, they would be noted for the client’s information only.

Why a pre-purchase building inspection is necessary then is to provide peace of mind that the property you are purchasing is structurally sound.

Structural pre-purchase building inspections          Structural pre-purchase building inspections        Structural pre-purchase building inspections

Perth’s Unregulated Building Inspectors

Most Perth building inspectors provide this service, however 90% of building inspection companies are not registered builder’s.

It is highly recommended that when engaging the services of a building inspector, that the client’s requests the inspectors qualifications.

The building inspection industry in Perth is unregulated and many building inspectors are simply not qualified to be inspecting properties.

Master Building Inspectors receives calls on a frequent basis from purchasers who engaged the services of another building inspection firm and were unhappy

with the service.

This is typically due to the building inspector missing defects during the building inspections Perth, pre-purchase building inspection.

Australian Standard AS 4349.1 – Inspection of building details the following regarding a building inspectors requirements: C2.1 The person carrying out a

property inspection should be suitably qualified and experienced.

A quick scroll across Google provides numerous different building building inspection companies. Many detail “qualified building inspectors”, however when looking at their about us pages, they don’t hold the necessary qualifications. Most of these companies seem to be members of the Master Inspectors Association.

Our question is, how reputable is an Association that allows under qualified/experienced inspector join? Should there not be a minimum requirement of being a “Registered Builder“.

Whilst we commend career changes, we do not think that inspectors previously working as carpenters, lawyers, management etc should be giving people advise regarding their property purchasers.

Generally people wouldn’t seek advise regarding electrical works from an unlicensed electrician, so why seek advise from a non registered builder?

Structural pre-purchase building inspections         Structural pre-purchase building inspections        Structural pre-purchase building inspections

Registered Builder’s Conduct Building Inspections in Perth

Master Building Inspectors will be campaigning to the relevant industries to ensure all property contracts in Perth stipulate that a Registered Builder must conduct the Perth pre-purchase property inspection.

Unfortunately, the wording of “suitably qualified” is not specific enough in our opinion.
Information regarding Master Building Inspectors pre-purchase structural building inspection in Perth can be found here:

Pre-purchase structural building inspections Perth