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We are proud to be one of the best building inspectors in Perth, who also offer useful pre-purchase building inspections. A pre-purchase building inspection is useful because it helps an individual make a decision that is balanced and based on facts. This typically occurs before deciding on whether to proceed with the purchase or not.

Building inspections Perth, especially pre-purchase building inspections and the reports that result from the building inspections are important tools that an individual gets before the final purchase of a property or building.

The building inspection reports are essential.  This is because they can help the individual know the structural integrity and stability of the proposed purchase.

Why a Building Inspection?

We are one of the best building inspectors in Perth.  Master Building Inspectors not only provide building inspection reports regarding all areas of the building. This includes maintenance, safety and non-structural items, but also the building inspection report covers other issues. These include those related to drainage, vermin or insect infestation and vegetation or trees.

These latter items are essential elements for any building inspection activity.  This is because they can be potential issues when it comes to having a sound and stable foundation.

Furthermore, we will also provide detailed cost estimates for any repairs that might required on the building. You will find that we have some of the most attentive and experienced building inspectors in Perth who will also provide you with detailed cost estimates for any repair work.

pre-purchase building inspections w.a

Our building inspection business in Perth ensures that all our customers get sensible advice that can help them make decisions towards protecting their investments by having all the information they require regarding the building before they can commit themselves to unnoticed costs of undesired repairs.

Other than the above-mentioned benefits, our customers will also get numerous other advantages when they engage our building inspection company in Perth.

Some of these include the following.

  • Customers will acquire detailed information regarding likely costs and problems.
  • They will also get information that they can use to improve their negotiation stance.

What Information Is Provided?

Our building inspection company in Perth will also offer customers professional guidance and help on various concerns and offer them advice regarding ways they can preserve the structural performance and condition of the structure

Our building inspection company in Perth also offers inspection help and reports based on the AS 4349.1-1995 or the Australian standard- ‘inspection of buildings- property inspections- residential buildings.’

The standard gives recommendations to building inspection companies in Perth for the visual inspection of all residential buildings. The standard applies to all pre-purchase building inspections w.a on all residential buildings. This  includes semi-detached houses, freestanding buildings, terrace-style houses, company, community and strata title units, home flats and units and villas among others.


pre-purchase building inspections w.a


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