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Buying a property can be a risky business especially if you hire a building inspector that is not qualified. The buying or selling process requires that the buyer  carries out a building inspection. This is to ascertain whether or not the property is worth buying.

The only competent person to carry out a building inspection is a building inspector. The intention of this article is to explore the reasons to hire a certified building inspector in Perth.

Without further ado, let’s set the ball rolling. The following are the reasons you need to hire a certified home inspector in Perth.

Legal Requirement

The Australian Standard 4349.1 said that it is the duty of a licensed building inspector to carry out the inspection of a building. The law is very clear and explicit. A building inspector is the only person mandated by the law to inspect a building in Perth. The reason is that he/she has all the knowledge regarding Australian building code, rules and regulations in the construction industry. As well as, all the standards to comply with when building a house.

Spot Hidden Damages

In order to perform inspection duties, the building inspector will leverage on advance technologies and tools to detect damages that were hidden. This would have been difficult for somebody that is not well grounded in building inspection to detect. The inspector would detect if there is any structural damage caused by termites or any other pests. Therefore, there is not gain saying that the essence of hiring a professional building inspector in Perth cannot be over emphasized.

Decision Making

Before making that buying decision, it is important to bring in a professional building inspector to carry out an assessment of the building. The inspector would provide you with a comprehensive report after the inspection. You can then leverage on the inspector’s report to make an informed buying decision. In addition, you will enjoy peace of mine knowing that you are dealing with a professional building inspector.


It is very important to engage the services of a certified Building inspections Innaloo Perth when you have finally decided to buy that property, Hence the reason why we have compile some tips to help you organize a building inspection in Perth. Here we go;

  • Ensure you engage the services of a qualified building inspector
  • Check to confirm that the inspector you intend to hire hold insurance
  • Make sure you have completely inspect the building before signing the final agreement
  • Ensure you schedule a date and time with the seller that you would carry out the building inspection along with your hired inspector.
  • Immediately after the inspection, demand a detailed report covering all the elements of the building from the building inspector. The report should cover areas like walls, floors, water drainage, columns and piers, ceiling frame, roof frame, downpipes, gutters, laundry taps, roof covers, tiles, stairs, and ventilation, among other areas.

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Building inspections Innaloo Perth