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Rising damp is a common problem and every buyer needs to get the property checked prior to buying a property.

Building inspections are a great way to detect presence of rising damp at a property. It occurs due to the travelling of water from the ground to the walls in a vertical manner.

This is via fine pores that are present in the bricks or masonry. In a majority of cases, water cannot travel over a height of 1.5 meters given the natural evaporation process.

Rising damp can create a lot of new issues to the overall structure of the building. These include, building up mold on the walls, wall staining, lifting or damaging of wall paper.  Rotting window frames, bubbling plaster and skirting boards is also likely.

Usually it is hard for buyers to identify signs of rising damp on their own especially if the property is furnished.

Hired a team of credible and experienced building inspectors will help you feel relaxed as they will detect it immediately.

Rising damp is particularly present in old units. This is why it becomes all the more necessary to make sure that building inspection is carried out before signing the contract.

A number of issues can cause rising damp.  These include inadequate sub-floor ventilation, damages in damp-proof course and sub-floor obstructions, etc.

Building inspections

If rising damp gets spread then it leads to structural damage and creates safety hazards for the residents. Such as, it can rot staircases and floorboards.

Moreover, rising damp can cause aesthetic damage as well like bubbling and peeling of the internal finishes, masonry crumbling and staining. Without a Building Inspections Crawley Perth, it is not possible to prevent such hazards.  Sub-standard building inspections would not inform you about such issues.

On the other hand, hiring quality Building Inspections Crawley Perth would lead to acknowledging underlying issues and safety hazards almost instantaneously. is a team you can trust. Our team comprises of insured, certified and experienced building inspectors having years’ long expertise in detecting even the slightest and minute issues at a property.

Remember that if you ignore rising damp and live in a damp property, then your personal health will be affected too. Breathing in mold spores is known to be a key cause of respiratory illnesses, asthma and allergic reactions.

Temporary fixes such as repainting, re-plastering and cleaning the walls are not recommended.  These would further aggravate the problem.

The only reliable solution is to eradicate the cause of rising damp completely. To do this, it is important to get building inspection done.  The inspector will be able to locate the root cause and suggest workable solutions.

Further info can be found at the building commissions website

Building Inspections Crawley Perth