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Home Inspections Cottesloe. You may have concerns about building defects within your newly built property.

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Building inspectors in Western Australia provide a staged building inspection service to address the substandard quality apparent with many newly constructed buildings.

The number of defects in these buildings, according to the building inspectors, in Perth is increasing at an alarming rate.

The blame lies squarely on the shoulders of unlicensed tradesmen who have resorted to applying dubious and underhand methods so as to cut the costs. With dodgy plastering and leaks in the roofs, many home- and building owners feel shortchanged and unsafe.

According to home inspectors, the staged building inspections can identify faults as the house is being constructed.  The builder can then have these repaired, saving time if these items were left until handover.

New home builders may not be aware of the code requirements, however with a building inspector on site, typically the standard of work improves drastically.

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