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Master Building Inspectors is a building inspection firm servicing Brabham and the surrounding areas. We are one of Perth’s most trusted names in the building inspection industry, having conducted over 12 000 local inspections.

All our building inspectors are qualified builders, registered with the West Australian Building Commission. We have a minimum of 28 years construction experience.  Master Building Inspectors mission is to provide a prompt, professional service to all our clients.

Building Inspection Reporting Services

  • Practical completion inspections Brabham
  • Slab inspections Brabham
  • Brickwork inspections Brabham
  • Roof inspections Brabham
  • Lockup inspections Brabham
  • Pre-purchase structural inspections Brabham
  • Specific/investigative inspections Brabham
  • Building inspection Brabham

New Home Building

The Australian Grand Prix in 1962, was held in the nearby Caversham Airfield. Sir Jack Brabham competed in this event and was honoured with the suburb being named after him. Interestingly, the airfield was constructed during World War II as a base for bomber aircraft.   Since then, major development has occurred in nearby suburbs & estates including:


  • Brabham & Whiteman Edge
  • Avonlee
  • Ariella Private Estate
  • Flamewood Private Estate

      Building Inspection Brabham                       Building Inspection Brabham                       Building Inspection Brabham


New Build Staged Inspections

If you are currently going through the process  of building a new home, it’s highly recommended to hiring an independent inspector.  For a relatively small fee, we can inspect your build during the construction process. This typically occurs at slab, brickwork, roof and practical completion stages.

These are the best times to conduct a building inspection Brabham, as defects can be fixed at that time. Unfortunately, if some defects aren’t fixed during the build process and identified  at practical completion, it’s often too late.

We have identified many issues over the years, from walls in incorrect locations, to structurally unsound roof frames.

Builder’s are generally receptive to our reports and actioned prior to the next stage commencing.

Master Building Inspectors offer a range of building inspection services to Brabham and the surrounding areas. Contact us today with any inquiries.