Staged Building Inspections

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Master Building Inspectors is launching a new discounted package deal for new construction staged building inspections Perth. New clients can expected significant savings during the months of March and April on packages purchased.

New construction staged inspections are typically undertaken before each progress payment is made to the builder. This gives the client peace of mind that the build is undertaken in accordance with the Building Codes of Australia. The staged inspections are undertaken at Slab, Brickwork, Roof, Lockup and Handover. There are numerous benefits of having a building inspection at each stage. The building reports are detailed from two different aspects: Building code non-compliance’s and Substandard Workmanship. Each defect is individually listed and referenced against the Australian Standard requirement to ensue the builder is aware of their obligations. Many clients are unaware that the Australian Standards are the minimum requirement that a builder is required to meet.
Building a house can be a frustrating time, but with a knowledgeable building inspector on your side it can make the process a lot easier.
Staged building inspections Perth