Master Building Inspector

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Master Building Inspector

Master Building Inspector. We are Perth’s premier building inspection company. New construction staged inspections are our speciality.

According to Joshua Briggs, of Master Building Inspectors in Perth Western Australia. There has been a substantial increase in the number of building defects and the amount of poor building workmanship recently.

This is in comparison to what has been happening all along.

However, the Building Commission sees the cause of the problem differently. They attribute this challenge to the boom in the mining and construction industry. This is where some substandard trades took advantage of the shortage of professional builders in the industry.

However, complaints have been soaring from 815 in 2011/2012 period to over 950 in 2015. However, even more have been reported recently.

Shonky Builders WA, is a Facebook page created by a disgruntled homeowners. They have decided to create a platform where shoddy contractors can be named and shamed.

Because naming and shaming is not all, aspiring homeowners should always engage the services of professionals for both home inspections and building inspections.


Master building Inspector

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