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Many owners of new properties have complaints regarding insufficient falls to wet area floors. Generally, this is due to set downs not being made in the concrete or large tile format not allowing the tilers to achieve the appropriate gradient. A qualified building inspector should check the wet area falls as part of a standard handover inspection. The minimum gradient requirements for falls in floor finishes are detailed in AS 3740 – 2010 Waterproofing of domestic wet areas, where the main consideration is to ensue that water does not pond around the drainage area (with the exception of residual water remaining due to surface tension) and deteriorate building elements.

The West Australian building legislation adopts the National Construction Code (B.C.A) as the minimum standards of relevant safety, health and amenity. Builders are required to meet these performance requirements for wet areas in residential houses. The N.C.C then refers to the relevant Australian Standards requirements.
Staged inspections during the course of a newly built house is always highly recommended. The benefits of having these conducted are that works to rectify faulty workmanship can easily be undertaken during the construction. Having faulty brickwork is a lot more difficult to rectify at handover stage than if it was noted during the brickwork inspection. Non-compliance issues are commonly identified during our plate height building inspections across Perth.
Builder’s will typically request the bricklayer to return to site and perform remedial works to ensure compliance with the code requirements, prior to the roof installation. Unfortunately, many owners can missing this inspection and once the roof covering is installed and walls plastered, it is very difficult to determine these defects. Lockup building inspections are typically not required if the slab, plate height (brickwork) and roof frames have already been inspected.
The Building inspections Daglish Perth team at Master Building Inspectors can be contacted via their website for further information. The Housing Industry Association is also a useful contact. Require a pest control Perth TMO pest control can assist!
Building inspections Daglish Perth